About us


Cacá Weber

I’m a photographer who loves to tell love stories. The people are fascinating to me! I love to be watching and imagining the story of them. I’m crazy about animals, coffee, wine and books. My number one fuel is music. I like true and spontaneous people. I talk a lot and I’m hyperactive. I can’t sit for a minute. I’m always challenging myself and I like any crazy idea. Well, crazy ideas are my favorite. =)

I dream to be contemporary dancer, but my disaster doesn’t allow me to make a move without looking like a hyena, lol!! What I really like is to show the world with my eyes. I like a good challenge and I believe that to be a great shot, you need to be, in both sides.

Gratitude. It is my favorite word. So this is all, I ‘d like to thank you for the visit. Enjoy and imagine with me, the stories of these amazing people who are embellishing my page!  =)